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Our Kindergarten Program
Our Kindergarten Program



Welcome to Kindergarten at Sioux Mountain Public School


Sioux Mountain Public School Community

Sioux Mountain is very focused on building a strong school community where children come first.  Students in the Early Learning Program participate in monthly assemblies and attend the various special events that are hosted at our school.  These include monthly assemblies, Fine Arts productions, concerts, and special guest presentations.  We also modify school wide events such as the annual Terry Fox Walk to ensure that all of our children can be included. Kindergarten students practice their reading with Reading Buddies.  This is an ideal way for the children to develop confidence in their reading and is a wonderful leadership opportunity for our older students as well.


School Specialized Programming and Extra-curricular Activities

At Sioux Mountain, children are able to experience a variety of programs to enhance their education as they progress through the grades.  Sioux Mountain offers a Hockey Canada Skills Academy for all interested students in grades one to eight. Once registered with our school, parents of students in kindergarten can reserve a space n the hockey program for grade one.  We promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) with our robotics and Lego League programs. We believe in our Restorative Practices program where we work with students when disciplinary matters come up. We have consequences but also believe in righting a wrong between two students and giving them the tools to self-regulate and to begin to resolve problems independently. Through the Explore Program, the athletic and adventurous student can enjoy a variety of activities including quinsy building, snowshoeing, shelter building, skiing, hockey, and skating.

Extra-curricular activities are offered for all students at Sioux Mountain. Junior and Intermediate students can join a variety of sports teams.  These teams compete in tournaments with neighbouring community schools.  Daily sports intramurals are offered in the gym over the lunch hour.  Various clubs are offered throughout the year.  

Sioux Mountain has a very active School Council,.  This group of parents hosts a variety of activities that help make School a fantastic place for our children.  The Student Council sponsors school dances over the course of the year.


Before and After School Programs

Before and After School programs are held at our school for children who need extended amounts of supervision.  Before School starts at 7.30am until students are escorted to their classrooms when school begins.  At the end of the day, students are escorted to the After School Program from Kindergarten to ensure safe arrival. Children must be picked up from After School by 5.30pm. For more information about the Before and After School programs contact the Sioux Mountain Children’s Centre at 737-2055.



Our larger Kindergarten classrooms are equipped with a water fountain and private bathroom. Students have convenient access to these facilities without having to leave their classroom.


Parking at the school 

Student pick-up and drop-off is supported by a private Kindergarten entrance with direct access to the student coat rooms. Short-term parking is available close to the Kindergarten entrance.


School Bus Transportation

Students who require bus transportation are met during morning arrival by a staff member and escorted to the Kindergarten play area. At the end of the day, students are escorted to their buses by a Kindergarten staff member. School bus transportation is arranged by the student’s family through the Transportation Consortium at 223-1256. Most Kindergarten aged children are eligible for the bus unless they live quite close to the school.


Supervision of Students

During nutritional snack breaks, the kindergarten classrooms are supervised by their teachers.  Senior student helpers are in the classroom as well to assist your child with opening their snacks and getting dressed for outdoor play.

During outdoor play, Kindergarten students enjoy their own play structure in a safe and spacious, enclosed play area.  The play structure has a special soft rubber ‘field’ under it for the safety of the children. The play structure includes a canopy to provide shade on hot days.  We offer a large ratio of supervisors to students on the playground.  Supervisors wear bright orange vests so that they are easily visible to the students.


Communication with our Students’ Families

Communication with families is a priority for us.  Teachers contact families via phone calls, text messages, email, and notes home.  We also inform parents of school activities using our Facebook site at: Sioux Mountain Public School.


Learn More About our Kindergarten Program

Sioux Mountain Public School has three Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten classrooms.  All three classrooms are staffed with warm, welcoming, experienced, and well-qualified Kindergarten teachers. Students in two of the classrooms are supported  through Early Childhood Educators who are experts in early childhood development. 


Classroom Learning

Students are exposed to both traditional and 21st century teaching practices.  Through the full day early learning program, children begin to receive a formalized reading and writing program and study the fundamentals of mathematics using real life situations and activities in the classroom.  To balance out their learning, children have large blocks of time for both child-initiated and structured play. The Kindergarten team supports children through their learning by providing a variety of hands-on, concrete materials, tools, and equipment that encourage a variety learning opportunities.  Music, rhyme and song, arts and crafts are a great way to support the various learning styles, interests, and strengths of all children.  Technology is a large part of instruction. Smart Board and iPads are frequently used for educational games and activities to enhance student learning.

Every child receives speech and language screening upon entry to our program.  On-sight delivery of speech and language programming is provided when required.

We recognize that many of our children are very young when they enter our JK program.  Some families feel that their child requires a gradual entry to the program.  To support this development, we provide families with short term solutions, offering an alternate or shortened day to support their child’s initial learning needs.


Breakfast and Lunch Programs

We understand that some children have an early breakfast and can be hungry by the time they arrive at school.  Snacks are provided to all of our students who are hungry first thing in the morning. Milk is available for sale daily.  Hot lunch items are offered for sale now and then as fundraisers or on school spirit days.  Hot lunches can be purchased with the ease of School Cash Online.


Daily School Schedule

Sioux Mountain uses what is called the ‘balanced day’ schedule. The three hundred instructional minutes are taught in three one hundred minute teaching blocks. School starts at 8.50am and ends at 3:20. Children have a thirty minute break after the first teaching block and a sixty minute break after the second teaching block. The first part of each break is for eating and the second half is for outdoor play.


Attendance and Punctuality

Coming to school every day and on time is very important. Many of the learning-to-read literacy lessons are first thing in the morning and it is important that children come to school on time so they do not miss critical lessons. Coming to school every day is important too. Children who come to school on time every day often do very well.

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