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KPDSB launches new application process for employment opportunities

01 Dec. 2016

Media Release - December 1, 2016

The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board (KPDSB) is launching a new platform for receiving applications for positions with the organization.

Apply To Education provides a paperless application system that streamlines the recruitment process for applicants by allowing them to fill out one application online and upload all of their supporting documents to complete their portfolio. 

Beginning today, when individuals access they will be directed to to create a profile and apply for jobs.  Additionally, job seekers can request to receive e-mail alerts when a new job is advertised for the Board.  There is no cost to applicants to utilize this service.

The use of Apply To Education will replace previous procedures for applying for jobs and being hired within the KPDSB.  This platform will also provide additional services within the Board, including management of absences for staff as well as internal job postings.

Jocelyn Bullock, Human Resources Manager stated “We are excited to move forward with this project and look forward to the new working relationship with Apply to Education to improve the overall experiences of potential future employees and current staff”.


KPDSB Chair and Vice-Chair acclaimed, Trustee appointments announced, Trustee Appointments Announced

19 Dec. 2016

Media Release - December 19, 2016

Trustees of the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board met at Dryden High School on Tuesday, December 13, 2016, for the inaugural board meeting of the 2017 calendar year.

The Board of Trustees committed to stability and direction by acclaiming Trustee Dave Penney as Chair and Trustee Cecile Marcino as Vice-Chair.

The following Trustee appointments were made:

  • Trustees Roger Griffiths, Jennifer Kitowski and George Seaton were appointed to the Audit and Finance Committees for a one year term. 
  • Trustees Lesley Barnes, Desta Buswa and Gerald Kleist were appointed to the Native Education Advisory Council (NEAC) for a one year term.  
  • Trustee Cecile Marcino was appointed to the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) Board of Directors. 
  • Trustee Jennifer Kitowski was appointed as the alternate to the OPSBA Board of Directors. 
  • Trustee Dave Penney was appointed as the OPSBA voting delegate. 
  • Trustee David Wilkinson was appointed as the OPSBA voting delegate alternate for the General Meeting. 
  • Trustees Lesley Barnes and Michelle Guitard were appointed to the Parent Involvement Committee for a one year term. 
  • Trustees Michelle Guitard and Jennifer Manitowabi were appointed to the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) for a one year term.  
  • Trustee Roger Griffiths was appointed to the Transportation Policy Committee. 
  • Trustee Lesley Barnes was appointed as the Transportation Policy Committee Alternate.


The Official Launch of Our Hockey Canada Skills Academy is a Great Success!

12 Nov. 2015

The Official Launch of our Hockey Canada Skills Academy was an exciting for students, staff and parents! We were joined by representatives of Canadian Tire and the Senior Management of the Keewatin Patricia District School Board. Students were filmed showing their skills on the ice and were interviewed about their experiences in the hockey academy. We are very pleased with the progress of the program and the impact it is having on the engagement and academic achievement of the students at our school.

You can find more information about our hockey program in the Sioux Bulletin at:



Please Join Us for the Official Launch of our Hockey Canada Skills Academy! on November 5th

03 Nov. 2015

Please join us for the Official Launch of our Hockey Canada Skills Academy at 12:15 pm at the Sioux Lookout Recreation Centre on Thursday, November 5th. Students from our Hockey Academy as well as representatives from Hockey Canada and Canadian Tire Jump Start will be on hand. A demonstration of skills will also be part of the celebration. Skills demonstration begins at 12:45 pm with Sioux Mountain's grade 5 to 8 students and Queen Elizabeth District High School students.


Site Preparation for New High School Begins On October 28, 2015

27 Oct. 2015

We would like to inform our school community that the fall site preparations for the construction of the new high school next spring will commence this week.

The Senior Administration of the KPDSB had asked for approval and support from the Ministry of Education to be allowed to prepare the site before the ground froze delaying the preparations until next spring. Last week, the Board was informed to proceed and award a tender to a contractor. This was done on Friday, October 23rd, of last week. Consequently, we have been informed this afternoon that site preparations for the new high school will begin on Wednesday, October 28, 2015.

The site preparation will require the delivery of materials to grade the high school site and will involve the use of heavy machinery. We expect that this construction phase will continue until the end of November.

In order to ensure the safety of our students, the entire construction site will be fenced off and the entrance to our school through Curtis Avenue will be closed off. Students can continue to enter the school grounds from 1st Avenue and have the option of using the trail located at the southwest corner of the school property, located off of Second Avenue.

We want to ensure that this project is conducted in a safe manner and we will address any issues as they may arise.

If you have any concerns, please contact the Principal, Michael Boos.